Having a sunny day and clear skies can be so inviting but there are hidden risks for your feline friend. Read up on how to ensure they’re safe and healthy all summer long. Then both of you can enjoy the season more comfortable and worry-free.

1. Always have clean and cool water available to your cat.

Felines can easily get dehydrated on hot days. When they’re thirsty, they’ll go for any liquid they see. If their water dish doesn’t have enough water or is completely empty, that toilet water and the muddy puddle outdoors by the flowerbed would start to look appealing. In other words, protect your cat’s health with the most basic need for living creatures and the best weapon against heat, cold drinking water.


2. Place ice in your cat’s water.

Any coldness the water has can easily dissipate on a hot summer’s day. Keep it cool for longer periods of time with ice. Simply place a few cubes in your kitty’s water. To let the chill last even longer, especially if you’ll be gone for the day, freeze the water dish overnight so it gradually melts throughout the day.


3. Make ice bottles.

Freeze bottles of water for a night. You can now use one to cool your kitty’s favourite spot to relax in by laying it there. Instead of placing cubes, put the bottle in the middle of the water dish to instantly give your cat cold water that would last a day. You can also let a fan blow in your feline buddy’s direction with a bottle of ice in front of it. Tada! You’ve got a kitty air conditioner!


4. Pat down your cat with a wet cloth.

While your pet might not love baths, this is much gentler and less upsetting for them. Cats groom themselves more often during the summer. Why? In an effort to get relief from the heat. You’d also be cleaning them at the same time.


5. Close the curtains.

Or make sure they have enough shade to cover them entirely whether indoors or outdoors. Letting them stay indoors would be preferable and lessen the risk of overheating. When they’re going outside, you can place garden furniture or design the placement of plants in such a way they give a shaded area during hot times of the day.


6. Groom your cat regularly.

You get to wear fur coats in winter and go walking in shorts and a tank top in the summer. Your cat is stuck with fur all year round. Brush it daily and keep their fur short. Take them to the kitty salon for a haircut when the fur starts to grow long.


7. Avoid playing during times when the heat is at its most intense.

The furbaby might want to play outside when the sun is shining its brightest but cats get overheated and too much heat puts them in danger of hyperthermia. When inside the house, avoid areas where the sun gets through and make sure there’s always sufficient ventilation and cool air before letting your cat do any strenuous activities.


As much as we love our pets, don’t panic when they get exposed to a bit of sunlight. Also, don’t worry if they need to be indoors a little more often than usual. Your cat will surely understand the lengths you’re going to for their sake. If not, well summer’s only three months long. It’ll all soon be over.

Meow for now… Kristian

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