It’s summer and you’re outside on your hammock, sipping on a piña colada while your cat…wait, what’ll your cat be having? They can’t be left out on the summer fun. Your cat needs summer treats just as much as you!

Heat can be hard on felines so it’s important to make sure they’re always kept cool. Regularly making cold, clean water available is just fine but it’s fun to mix things up a bit and let your cat discover a new favourite. Here are a few treats you can give to your kitty.


1. Ice Blocks

Remember our article on DIY Tuna Ice Blocks? Now is the purrfect time to give your cat some! Or go basic and give plain cubes. You can also use those molding trays to make fun shapes. Let’s see how your cat takes to fish-shaped, dog-shaped and bird-shaped ice cubes. As an added treat you can place food at the bottom of the bowl. Use big muffin trays like we did for the tuna ice blocks to make sure the ice won’t melt too quickly. Or put it in a blender for shaved ice if you feel like serving up something different.


2. Cool Claws

Keep in mind that ice cream isn’t good for cats because sugar, milk and cream gives them diarrhea and other digestive problems. If you do feel guilty snacking on a tub while your cat sits beside you and stares, stop mentally chiding yourself right now. Cool Claws is an alternative made just for cats. It’s safe for people, too. Just letting you know, in case you get curious. *wink* The downside is it’s not yet available in Australia so you might have to order overseas.


3. Natural Frozen Yogurt

Instead of causing problems, natural frozen yogurt could aid your cat’s digestion. Just make sure they’re lactose-free and approved by your vet to avoid any possible issues. Also avoid anything with chocolate and other artificial flavours and sweeteners.


4. Frozen Liver

Remember this should be given occasionally and in small amounts. Too much would result in Vitamin A toxicity. Cut chicken or beef liver into small kitty-bite-sized pieces. Cover a sheet pan with parchment, place the liver on it and freeze them in your fridge. Once frozen, transfer them to a zip lock bag. Give your cat 2-3 pieces at a time.


5. Frozen Egg

Place an egg or two into a blender, it can be either raw or cooked. Blend the egg until smooth then place it in an ice cube tray. Freeze it overnight. You should only feed your pet with one piece per day especially if the egg is raw to avoid overconsumption of avidin. It’s advisable to feed your cat cooked egg because cooking gets rid of avidin so it is safer.

There’s a lot of things to do and eat together with your kitty during this time of the year but always take extra precautions to make sure your feline friend is not just happy but safe. The change of seasons can affect your pet’s health and cats aren’t built to stand much heat without cooling down every now and then throughout the day. Treats make summer cat care more interesting for both you and your cat.

For more tips, stay updated with our blog so you could make the most of the sunny holiday vibes this Christmas season.





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