Cats have their own quirks and qualities all of which make them equally worthy of the title of Man’s Best Friend. Cats may be quieter and harder to read than canines but they nonetheless leave their mark in the world and in our lives. Take a look at this list of remarkable felines in history and you’ll see why our cats certainly deserve a spot in the wall of fame and in our hearts.

Famous Cats



The White House has had a host of resident pets who warmed the hearts of the first family and captivated the public. One of the most popular presidential pet was Socks, a black and white cat who belonged to President Bill Clinton. A year before Bill Clinton was elected president, Socks was a stray who jumped into the arms of his daughter, Chelsea. The adorable Socks became an endearing figure in the news and was even memorialized by several media organizations.


Room 8

Elysian Heights Elementary School in Echo Park, California, was home to Room 8, a big gray tabby who won the hearts of schoolchildren and eventually became the school mascot. The cat was named after the classroom where he first entered in 1952. During the school year, Room 8 would roam and live inside the campus and would leave when classes ended. He would then return on the first day of class every year.

Room 8 was beloved not just by teachers and students but the entire Los Angeles area as well. He became the subject of a documentary and children’s book and was featured in a magazine. When he passed away, the students at the school raised money for his gravestone.



Cats have awesome survival skills which make them excellent globetrotters. Emily the cat is a testament to that. Emily disappeared from her home in Appleton, Wisconsin, in 2005. She first got onboard a container which was carried by truck to Chicago and then transported on a ship to Belgium. In the end, she then ended up in Nancy, France, and was identified through her identification tags. The people who discovered her flew her back home to her owners. The story of Emily only shows us how resilient cats are but also the importance of letting our pets wear tags!



Black cats are usually associated with evil and bad luck which is just sad. The stigma surrounding black cats should end and Tiddles is proof of that. Born and raised as a ship cat, Tiddles was a black cat and the official Captain’s Cat in the HMS Victorious during the 1940s. As a ship cat, Tiddles had an important role catching mice and other vermin that threatened hygiene and caused critical damage on the boat’s wiring and woodwork. Tiddles was also notable for having traveled more than 30,000 miles during his naval service.


Crimean Tom

Cats have also played an important role in military history. Crimean Tom became an accidental hero in 1854 when he led a troop of famished French and British soldiers to caches of food hidden underneath some rubble. The soldiers were so grateful that they made Crimean Tom their mascot and even brought him back to England with them when they returned.

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