You and your cat enjoy a lot of fun activities in the house. Maybe it’s time to take your fun-relationship to another level – the great outdoors.

Outdoor with your Cat

There are many places within the neighborhood that you and your kitty can explore. And these are some of the few places that you can bring your pal.


  1. A long drive to nowhere

The car is a place that is found outside of the house in which kitty may enjoy. And while you two are in it, step on the gas and turn on that “500 Miles” mixtape from the Proclaimers because you, my friend, are going to nowhere, a place filled with excitement about the unknown. Unless, of course, the weekend actually ends, because it’s back to work.


  1. Shopping

While you and your kitty are on the road, you’ll need supplies. It’s time to take your kitty to hall of goods. Aside from the supermarket, you might want to consider something your partner would also like, a store like PetSmart. Stab in the dark, kitty will love the smell and view of all the products around the store.


  1. The pet-friendly hotel

Just this once, since you guys are already far away from your home off to some adventure, why not spend a night at the pet hotel. There are a lot of hotels that welcome pets. Some even offer accommodations and amenities for pets. Curious? Well, start googling for hotels now!


  1. A convention

Pets in a pet convention are treated like Hollywood superstars.

Since you’ve charged up from that luxurious experience you had at that hotel, it’s time for kitty to be treated like a star. Let you pet meet new friends while you also get to mingle with owners and exchange tips and tricks.


  1. A cruise

“All Aboard,” says the crew from the ship that welcomes cats. Yes, there actually are. This may be a good time to put a hold on that driving and just lay down on a chaise with your glasses on and kitty lying on your belly. The cruise is a perfect way to really get away from the arduous work and just breathe sea breeze with a glass of appletini in your hand.


  1. To the vet

Well, this might be something that’s not fun for all, but the fact that it’s good for the health and is outside your house makes it one of the must go places.

Think of it this way: cat’s need to maintain their health to have more fun and explore more in the future. Don’t think twice about considering the vet.


  1. Camping in the great outdoors

Since you and your kitty are already in the car, you might stumble upon a beach, a hill or a river. Set up camp! Enjoy nature at it’s finest with your kitty. Cat’s are born predators so the wild is of no total stranger to them. Just make sure that the area isn’t notorious for a wild animal attack.


There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors with your kitty and some may even require less travel or cost.


What about you? Where do you usually take your kitty outdoor?

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