A lot of people love cats no matter how messy or moody they can get. Most don’t mind because they simply adore their feline friends and they’re willing to accept the good and bad that’s hidden beneath their pretty furs. However, it wouldn’t hurt to know more about them.

There are some truly interesting facts that most of us don’t know about and we are truly missing out on all the fun. It’s best that we know more about our furry pals because this would let us understand them better. With that being said, here are some interesting facts about cats.


Number of Toes

You may, or may not, have noticed this, but cats have a different number of toes on their front and back paws. The front paws have five toes, while the back has four. However, there are polydactyl cats, which are cats who have extra toes on both of their paws.


Cats Don’t Have a Sweet Tooth

Cats have pretty much the same taste buds as ours, but some of their taste receptors aren’t as reactive and one of them are for sweets. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they are compelled to consume meat. Since they’re inherently meat eaters, cats have no need for sweets and are unable to enjoy the sugary delights of cupcakes and other treats.


Years and Years of Bonding

You ever get that feeling that you’ve known your cat for a long time? The kind of feeling that you’ve somehow bonded years before? If you do, then it’s probably due to the fact that we have associated ourselves with cats for nearly 10,000 years now. This practically makes them a part of our social group.


Natural Born Hunters

A cats physiology is specifically designed for hunting. Their flexible bodies can squeeze through tiny spaces. Their teeth are also adapted for such, none of them having grinding surfaces, a clear indication that cats clearly evolved to eat meat. They also walk in a certain way that their back paws step almost exactly in the same place where did front paws landed. This minimizes the volume of noise their steps make, as well as the visible tracks they leave.

Quick on Their Feet

We have a general idea that cats are indeed agile creatures and are pretty fast. However, we don’t exactly know “how fast” they can get. To put this into perspective, the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, runs at 27 miles per hour. Your cat can actually run faster, as they can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, easily grabbing the gold medal away from Bolt’s hands.

Although we already know that cats are indeed beautiful and amazing creatures, these facts remind us of how astonishing our purring pets are. This makes us appreciate them even more and be wowed by the fact that our usually sleepaholic companions are more than what meets the eyes. However, it’s kinda sad that they can’t taste sweet foods and that could be their kitty kryptonite.

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