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When people talk about their pets protecting them or pets for protection, the first thing that usually comes to mind are dogs. Of course, dogs are amazing and lovely animals capable of guarding their owners from harm. They would even jump in the fray and risk their lives whenever necessary.

Dogs have a distinct reaction when humans are fighting as well. But what about cats? Well, cats are just as capable of protecting humans from danger, be it from other animals or from our own kind. Here are some of the things they do when they see their favorite humans fighting.

Attack the Alleged Aggressor

The most common reaction a cat would make to protect his/her human is to attack the aggressor. You see this a lot in the wild and when an intruder enters their territory. This same tactic is applied during moments when humans are fighting and your cat is in the same room.

Cats would often retaliate and protect who they think needs it. People have reported experiencing and witnessing such occurrences. They would describe their sweet and docile cats going berserk towards the aggressor. This could also be triggered by the stress they feel in an environment where people frequently argues.

Do Things to Distract Humans

Like humans, cats react differently to certain situations. During a fight between you and your partner, sibling, or parent, not all cats will jump in the fray. Some would hide, others wouldn’t give much care and a few opt to get physical. However, there are cats who prefer the more subtle approach. An approach that would not entail violence, but would result to laughter, melting hearts and cuddle time.

Cats are reported to do silly things to distract their humans when fighting. A man reports that whenever he and his wife would have an argument, their cat would chase its tail. He said “It wasn’t so much that he would chase the tail as it was where he would chase his tail. It was typically in a chair in the living room or, even better, in the bathtub. In the bathtub, chasing his tail would make such a ruckus that it was impossible to ignore.”

Be the Great Comforter

Sometimes they would just simply hide during heated arguments. They’d just wait until their humans have calmed down. Then they’d all come out and be there to comfort them. Sitting on their laps, kneading on them, purring like they’ve never purred before.

Cats are very good detectors when it comes to what their humans are feeling. They are sympathetic creatures who would always comfort those closest to them. After human fights or arguments, cats would go where their humans are and comfort them in any way that they can.

See, cats aren’t just protectors, they’re companions. They are there for us through thick and thin. Through good and bad. Through fights and peaceful moments. Although they may have different approaches in dealing with it, all of them do this out of love for us

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