cat behaviour

Cats have certain behaviours that leave their hoomans scratching their heads, thinking “Why do you do that, kitty?” Of course, there’s little that we can do about them. Our feline companions would only keep on doing them, whether we like it or not. So, why is there a need to know why they do, what they do? Why is there a need to understand these behaviours?

Well, the reason is simple, really. Understanding them would help them communicate with us better. This would also let allow us to accept them for what they are. That being said, we have a couple of odd behaviours that cats usually do. Get to know some of them and the reason why cats do them.


“I Brought You a Gift Hooman!”

You’re on the porch, or living room sofa, just chilling. You’re sitting down, with a warm cup of coffee, enjoying the nice scenery of your garden, or simply relaxing while watching the telly. Your cat suddenly arrives and startles you when it leaves a dead mouse near your foot, with your cat in front of you, looking up at you with eager eyes.

This experience can certainly be nerve-wracking, but there’s no need for you to freak out. Cats, in their very core, are predatory animals. Hunting for prey is normal for them and you need to understand this primitive side. They often bring you dead animals as “gifts” to give thanks for feeding them everyday, in a way returning the favour. They could also be doing it to show you how to hunt or because they have more than enough to eat.


Dawn of the Meow

Most cat owners have experienced hearing sounds at dawn. Sounds that wake them up faster than their alarms ever could. Sounds that come off from every direction, swirling and echoing to every corner of the house. Quickly, they get up and open the door of their rooms to find that they’re cats are already awake. At 4 in the morning. This routine is quite off setting and some might even get annoyed by it. However, there’s a need for us to understand that cats naturally wake up earlier than us.

Also, their circadian rhythms tend to change depending on the season. You can remedy this by installing blinds, or blackout shades, so the sun won’t rouse them awake. You can also put a strict eating schedule to help manage this behaviour. But again, this is what comes as natural for cats, so be patient and if necessary, stop trying to undo this ingrained trait.


Techie Kitty

You’ve probably had more than one encounter where you’re in front of your laptop, or computer, busily typing with the keyboard. Suddenly, a wild (and cute) kitty appears and starts lying down on the laptop, or keyboard.

This may seem like your cat is trying to annoy you, but it’s actually because they love the warmth of these computer devices, especially the laptop. A cat’s ideal temperature is 20 degrees higher than that of a human, so a laptop is the perfect temperature regulator. They could also be doing this because they’re asking for attention.

Cats are certainly mysterious and baffling creatures. They tend to do odd things just for the heck of it. Things that can sometimes be uncomfortable for us. However, your feline companion needs you to understand that this is just how they are. Accepting and understanding them for their weird sides is the key here. It would mean the world to them and allow you to love them in a better, more genuine manner.

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