Cats enjoy all sorts of stuff, from basking in the sun to chasing that laser dot. All of these things are what makes every cat adorable and unique. It is what makes them the cheerful, playful, and sometimes docile felines that we’ve all come to like and love.


Today, we’ve decided to help you understand and appreciate your cat in a better way, by talking about the top 10 things they love. The list comes in no particular order, and is solely made to help identify what makes them hyped up, so you’d be able to spend quality time with them.



Being natural born predators, hunting is one of the primary instincts that drives cats. The compulsion to hunt is very strong, and they are unable to resist it. Hunting isn’t just about getting food, but it’s also a form of entertainment for them. Take out their favourite mice toy, and start playing with them, to release the urge of hunting.



It’s not a secret that cats love to get some sleep. On average, they sleep for about 15 hours, other cats can sleep up to 20 hours, during a 24-hour period. There are a couple of reasons as to why cats like to sleep:

  • Cats are most active between dusk and dawn, which means they nap most during the day, becoming more active around twilight.
  • Cats have the anatomy of a predator, which means they are conserving their energies for chasing and hunting, possibly explaining why they sleep so much.
  • Cats also react to the weather, making them more susceptible to sleep during rainy, or cold ones.



Cats and scratching always go in tandem. Cats practice scratching for a variety of reasons. They could be doing it to mark their territories, to get a full-body stretch, and to keep their claws sharp and in good health, as well as to help shed their claw sheaths. This is why it’s important to install scratching posts for them, to keep them healthy and happy.



Cats love to sunbathe, and in general, they’re pretty much attracted to things that emit heat. One explanation for this is due to the fact that genetically, cats were desert creatures and they lose heat easily thanks to their body’s physiology and diet. Sunbathing helps them conserve heat in their bodies, giving them the luxury to stay warm and cosy.


Being Petted

Contrary to popular belief, cats actually enjoy being petted and/or stroked. One theory to prove it is the fact that stroking and petting, is an affiliative social contact. This strengthens the bond between different animal species, and plays a huge factor when it comes to anxiety and stress regulation. This can be seen in cats, dogs, rats, monkeys, other animals, and even in humans.

Let’s stop here for now, and we’ll give you guys the second half next time. The new information you just learned should help you understand cats more. Now that you know a bit more about them, be sure to keep these in mind, and aim to give your cats more happiness.

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