We constantly want to show everyone how much we love them. This is why we choose to buy gifts like chocolates, flowers, and other items. Sometimes, we send them a quick text message, or send them a chat, telling them to take care and that we love them. These are just some of the ways that we show our love for them, and that they are important to us.


However, our beloved feline companions do not speak our language. They are unable to make sense of the words that our voices utter. So, how do we show them that we love them? How do we express our deep appreciation and affection for them? Here’s how we can show love to our cats in a way that they’ll understand, and feel.


Train Your Cat

Although most people would say that cats are nearly impossible to train, this isn’t actually true. Many owners have trained their cats, teaching them how to perform simple commands and cool tricks. Spending some time and training your cat will help strengthen the bond that you have.

You should always provide your cat with a tasty cat treat, as a reward for a job done well. The rewards you give will help your cat rely on you, and see you as a provider. Someone who is always there to answer their needs, effectively turning the relationship to a mutual understanding full of love and care.


Head Bumps and Slow Blinks

Have you ever noticed how your cat bumps their unto your leg? Or how they slowly “blink,” or close their eyes while maintaining eye contact with you? If you didn’t already know, these gestures are actually their way of showing love.

Cats do head bumps in the wild to leave their scent and to mark territories, and family members, as theirs. If they do this to you, then that means you are considered a part of the ones they trust, and own. Slow blinking is a sign that they are totally comfortable being around you. So comfortable in fact, that they’re willing to close their eyes and allow themselves to be open for potential attacks.


Having a Cat Nap Together

The best way to show someone that you love them is by fully trusting them, despite the possibility of them hurting you. One of the highest forms of trust is by sleeping together, and leaving your most vulnerable state to their mercy. They could physically hurt you while you sleep, or break your trust by leaving you defenseless, yet you trust them not to do these things.

This is especially true for cats, who prefer to sleep in high places, away from would-be predators and attacks. But if they choose to snuggle up and sleep beside you, or on your lap, then this means they trust you in the highest sense of the word. Pay them back by reciprocating their trust, and allow yourself to drift off as well. Your cat will appreciate the fact that both of you trust each other, and are willing to be vulnerable together.

Despite the obstacles, we can still effectively show how much we love our cats. All you have to do is perform certain acts of service, change your body language, and share being vulnerable together. All of these factors will then help you build a better relationship with your cat, and finally be able to tell them “I love you,” in a way they’ll understand.

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