Cats are often seen as aloof and independent. They are often seen to be doing their thing, without company by their sides, which leads people to think that these furry felines prefer to live alone. Although it’s true that they’re mostly solitary, cats don’t really favor, or like, being alone.


They like to have space to function on their own, while having a family who’ll always be there for them. One example that proves cats aren’t really solitary creatures is the fact that they sleep with their owners. There are a lot of reasons as to why cats decide to sleep beside us, and we’ll talk about 5 of them here.

For a Source of Warmth

Have you ever noticed your cat(s) sleeping on your laptops? Or have you seen them sleep in areas where slivers of sun are present? Ever wondered why they do it? Turns out cats actually crave for warmth. Humans are warm, and cats love to snuggle with us from time to time, so they could get that extra amount of comfortability and relaxation they’re looking for.

They Feel Comfortable

Sometimes, cats just want to be 100% comfortable and at ease. Just like any creature, cats look for the things that make them feel comfortable, and bring them pleasure. There are moments when they feel this best when they’re around humans, able to feel our warmth and presence.

They Feel Secure with You

Cats don’t like being vulnerable, and they are often at their most vulnerable when they’re fast asleep. With this in mind, they often prefer sleeping on high places, to avoid any attacker from taking advantage of them. When they sleep with you, this means that they feel secure around you, and like to have around to keep them safe and sound.

It’s a Territorial Thing

Have you ever thought that maybe cats think that you’re the one sleeping on their bed? Cats are innately territorial, which means sleeping on your bed is how things should be, simply because the bed is their territory. To them, it’s you who are sleeping on their bed, which has a good meaning to it because this means they trust you enough to share a bed with you.

You are Part of the Family

Our feline companions thrive on attention, but not just anyone’s attention. What they’re looking for is attention from the ones they consider family, which basically means the ones they love. If they’re comfortable sleeping with you, this means that they treat you as part of the family, and that they love you just like one.

No matter what the reason, having your cat sleep with you is definitely a good thing. It lets you bond and strengthen the kind of relationship you share with each other. But you should also consider whether or not you have an allergy, or if they spend a lot of time outside. Give them a regular bath as well, so you could make sleeping beside each other a pleasant experience for both of you.

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