The New Year is approaching and with it are the many resolutions that people try to follow. Whether it’s about eating healthier foods, being in the gym more, or lessening some of those spending sprees, individuals come up with something they’d want to improve about themselves. But what about our cats? What about our bundles of fluffy joy? Do we leave them out the fun?

There are a lot of things that you can help your cat do differently for next year! You can spice up your cat’s environment with toys that help enrich their living experience, schedule regular vet visits, and more. So strap yourselves in and be prepared to have a better 2019 with your furry loved ones!

Getting a Move On

Fitness goals are one of the most common New Year’s resolution. A lot of us would want to look better by exercising, to be more active, and to be healthier, instead of just laying on bed all day once we get our day offs. Our cats need some exercise too, so for 2019, we should all aim to spend more time to play with them, and to get them running. Not only will this help improve their health, but it will also help us bond with them, ultimately strengthening the relationship.

Teach them a Neat Trick

People say that cats are a thing of their own. They don’t like to be bossed around, or to be told what to do, which would mean that training them is extremely difficult, if not impossible. However, cats can be trained and you can train your beloved cat too! Attend a class, watch a video, or get a cat specialist to help you train them. It’ll take some time, but you’ll be able to impress yourself (and a lot of people) once you get even one trick done.

Eating Better with the New Year

Help your cats improve their health by making sure that they’re eating better and getting all the necessary nutrition. Have a chat with your vet, and ask whether you’re giving them the right kind and right amount of food. You might also want to talk to them on how to successfully transition food types (from kitten to adult food or from adult food to senior formula) efficiently.

Get Groomed

We all know how long you’ve been stalling that visit to the groomer’s, but it’s now high time to get your pet cat groomed. Although your cat can pretty much groom themselves, a visit to the groomer is important as well. The groomer would be able to shampoo, nail clip, and trim your cat’s fur, giving them the equivalent of having a refreshing day at a beauty salon.

Although we all like familiarity, New Year is an opportunity for us to do something new and better. But we don’t have to do it alone. It’s important for us to include our feline companions in the fun of New Year’s resolutions too. There’s so much new things to do and to learn, so take your cat along the ride!

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