Technology presented us a lot of things, and it has indeed appealed for both the younger and older generation. It has a wide variety of uses that people have in their common households, and has indeed made life a bit easier. But for this specific article, it tackles comfort, warmth, and fuzziness – the new Qooboo robot.

Qooboo robot is modelled after a cat’s butt that excitedly wags their tail whenever you’re near or when you need some hugs. Qoobo basically provides the comfort of having a cat without the tedious care that comes along with it, although one cannot fully replace an adorable jelly bean pawed creature.

Qoobo is basically made to provide comfort and love from these fun wagging tails that seem to welcome you when you get home. It’s a beautiful invention that let people who can’t have pets experience the warm feeling of being welcomed by a wagging tail, or a few pats that would reward you with a good reaction. It’s a robotic cat butt for those sad and depressing days, or simply when you’re stressed out and you just need the comfort of an animal.

It’s also made for people who are suffering allergies whenever they’re around pets, but always fantasized about having adorable pets. This interactive pillow responds to gentle pats by wagging their tail slowly, or playful snuggles – it makes their tails wag faster. It’s actually a comforting sight to see wagging tails, thus the therapeutic experience of having one. Sometimes, you don’t need to pat just to get a reaction – they wag their tails at random just to let you know they like seeing you home.

Although some people find it ridiculous to have a cushion that looks like an animal butt, it actually helps improve the mood of owners who sadly can’t have pets due to health reasons or because of where they live. It’s a good alternative to getting snuggles and that fuzzy cuddles you want to have with a pet. Besides, they don’t need food or care, they just wait for you there and welcome you home.

It’s an awesome therapy you can have without risking your health, or furniture, that would energise you to do more things. Qooboo is made to look realistic – meaning the programming of their tails are almost similar to real animals, and it has provided people a warm welcome. You can now have your own ‘cat’ without moving to a different flat!

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