Cats since then has captured the hearts of many, and because of their adorable stances and meows, they have become a popular search item in the internet. From photos of memes to videos, there’s over thousands or even million cat videos online that you might even have saved in your phone. It has even influenced a lot of people to adopt cats themselves and learn to love them in each passing day.

It’s enough for people to spoil their cats and give them whatever they want – ranging from premium kitty snacks to toys, they simply influence their humans. In return, cats make sure they entertain humans and give them lots of love when they’re down. But when they’re away, humans simply take their phone and watch their videos and get a giggle or two from their antics.

But are cat videos really helpful? Science backs this up. The reason why most people search up cat videos on the internet is to cheer up or simply to de-stress – no need to feel guilty when you get caught if you do it too! Watching cat videos actually gives you elation and decreases you stress – meaning you are mentally prepared for more tasks and you can get it done with ease.

Who wants to see a pile of paperwork on their desk? Thinking about constantly working without breaks – what most people imagine their working day would be – will leave them lethargic and down. A few breaks of cat videos is a form of yoga for the emotions – it stretches them and releases the negativity and brings in positive and happy thoughts.

Watching cat videos is as effective as looking at photographs on your desk – something that will remind you that there are happy days beyond working. Cat videos let you forget the worries you have at the moment and be overwhelmed with cuteness and their adorable shenanigans as well.

Boosting your energy and become more enthusiastic with working are often side effects of watching cat videos. It also gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling as well when you hear them meow from your phone. You can also feel lesser anxiety about the workload and even looking forward to get it done and finish the day! It almost has the same effect of having a pet therapy, only cheaper.

So if someone tells you to stop watching cat videos during break times or maybe when you’re stumped for ideas, show them the magical doors leading to pure happiness that you get from watching innocent cats making a cute fool of themselves.

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