Unlike dogs, cats are not always taken out for an exercise. Actually, a lot of cat owners don’t realise their need for exercise as they are mostly indoor and are not as frisky as a dog. But cats also need a bit of exercise to stay in shape, and they would appreciate it if you help them maintain their shape in the long run.

The importance of keeping the cat healthy and well is more emphasized as the cat gets older. Since they’re not as active and as energetic like dogs, they will probably be harder to convince to exercise. But don’t be sad, there’s a strategy that will help them get in shape and there’s not much hassle for you!

These are some tips you can do:

  • Laser Trick. This is possibly the most famous way for you to have fun and your cat to move around too! They will be fixated with the bright red dot and will chase it for a long while. They will be on their paws for the entire time, awaiting the next movement of the ‘mysterious red dot’ and try to catch it as much as possible. However, you need to switch up the game afterwards to avoid the cat being frustrated from not catching its target – you need real cat toys that they can catch and interact with.
  • Get Another Cat. You can probably ask your friend who has a cat or maybe your next door neighbour to play with your cat. Cats bond well and will chase around each other or do some friendly wrestling. It may be an old cat or a young one, cats are naturally playful with each other and they will mingle for a while. Take note that the cat should be acquainted for a while in order to make them feel comfy with each other.
  • Catnip. The plant that cats enjoy to nip and sniff can be used to help your cat to exercise. There’s a precaution needed when using this plant – you need to make sure that your cat doesn’t react aggressively about it and won’t hurt anyone. It shouldn’t be used before a stressful event as well as they might become aggressive and will harm anyone.
  • Cat Tower. Cats love to climb on things, and it’s actually good for them too! Get a cat tower and your cat will be on it for a while. This will help them keep their body moving and even keep their nails blunt – since most cat towers have built in scratching posts. In order to entice them to stay there and climb for a while, hide some treats there and let them search for it as long as they’re able to.
  • Cat Toys. If you don’t have enough space or a cat friend to introduce for your cat, you can equip your space with interactive cat toys. These doesn’t have to be expensive, and they are readily available in different pet shops everywhere. You can even make your own or maybe use an available item in your house. These can be small bouncy balls and even a feather duster! But ideally, a cat toy is still better.
  • Go Out. It’s rare to see cats being walked outside, but it’s possible. Get them a special leash that will help them walk with you and not fear that they’ll run too far and fast. Unlike dogs, cats like climbing on trees since that’s their nature – and it will help them stay in shape and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight outside. It’s both healthy for you and your cat!

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