Licking is a major part of the lives of cats. Even from their early life, licking already takes a  huge chunk of their waking hours. Starting from mother cats licking and grooming their kittens, to adult cats licking each other, this form of grooming is definitely a social message as well. They use it to express social ties and belongingness. In fact,  they help each other in grooming hard to reach areas like the back of the head and the inner ear. Cats also render their cooperation when other cats lick them by tilting their heads to make it easier to reach.

Hence, If they lick you, it as a sign that they feel safe with you and that you are a bonafide member of their pack. It is your cat communicating their affection for you. 

Many cat owners fancy that they can reciprocate this affection through a cat toy, a little petting, and some food. Others, however, like to go the extra mile and desire to express affection the same way their cat expresses— by licking, 

Luckily, there’s now a product that allows you to lick your cat without actually liking it. 

The LICKI brush, by entrepreneurs Tara and Jason O’meara, is a silicon device that cat enthusiasts can bite into to mount it on their mouths. The device then acts as the “tongue” that the owner can lick their cats with.

It is rated four stars on Amazon and is marketed as soothing and relaxing for both the owner and the kitty. It supposedly bonds the two using the language of the cat. 

This product, as straight forward as it is, definitely serves its niche. Although It is highly divisive and polarizing,  it definitely is fun. Some people find it bizarre, some people find it the device that their cat lives have been missing. 

What about you? Would you consider owning one?

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