Cats innately do not like water. And, the exquisite self-groomers that they are, this fact is usually acceptable.

There are just times when we need to step in and give our fur babies a dance with water for hygienic and sometimes medical reasons. Instances when baths are important for cats are times when they have skin problems, or when their furr gets tangled and/or matted.

Ensure the right water temperature.

The temperature of the water must not be too cold nor must it be too hot. The temperature must be just right. This ensures that the water temperature is comfortable to the touch. Think of the water temperature that a baby must be bathed in.

Lessen slippery surfaces.

Felines freak out when they feel like they are not in control. Grip and stability is very important for agile and graceful creatures like cats. This is why it is imperative to give them good stability when bathing them.

Place a rubber mat on the tub for the cat to stand on. Even a towel would eliminate the slippery surface that freak cats out.

Foster a calm and relaxed environment.

Bathing is an activity that cats are not huge fans of. Make this experience less stressful for them by making sure the environment is as calming and relaxing as it can be.

Make sure the water pressure from the shower head is gentle. Further, if the shower attachment produces too much noise, use a pail to scoop water instead.

Associate baths with pleasant things.

Try your best to associate bath time with things your cat loves. Try to add catnip and toys to the bathtub to entice your cat baby.

Make bath time quick.

Have everything you need— towels and at shampoo—ready to shorten bath time. A good 3-5 minutes is a good time to strive for.

Make drying tender and nurturing.

Turn the drying into cat cuddles with towels. If you must use a blower, use the lowest setting to minimize noise and avoid burns.

By just paying attention to a few details, every cat owner can show their love for their cats one bath at a time.

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