Have you ever caught yourself wanting to brag about the skills of your cat to your family and friends but you don’t have a lot of time or don’t know where to start? Well, We have compiled 5 of the easiest tricks you can teach your cat. With a little time and a little practice, sprinkled with a dash of patience, you and your cat will be performing adorable tricks in no time.

Shake hands

This is the easiest tricks you can teach your cat. Simply hold your cat’s hand and shake it for about two seconds just before you feed it food. You may choose to shake both hands. You may even choose to shake each hand twice. After a few repetitions, your cat will eagerly extend its hand in anticipation of mealtime! 

Play Dead 

Hold a treat to your cat’s nose. Make sure the treat is also visible for the cat to engage more of its senses. Let the cat follow the treat as you slowly bring it closer to the ground. You may need to let the cat eat the treat despite not being fully lying down yet. Just repeatedly do this until the cat is full lying down. Say the cue word, “play dead” once the cat lies down. Soon enough, your cat will lie down on cue for yummy treats. 


Infuse your cat’s favorite toy with the scent of cat food. You may also use tuna juice in this. Get the toy close to the cat for it to smell. After which, throw the toy at a close distance at first. If the cat moves close to the toy, reward it with food and praise. It may take many tries for the cat to get that the goal is to bring the toy back. Patience is key. You may add the cue word, “fetch” once the cat starts to bring the toy back. 


Hold a treat close to the cat’s nose while visible to the cat’s eyes. Slowly lift the treat up to encourage the cat to follow it and assume a sitting position. Once the cat is in the sitting position, feed the cat, say the cue word, “sit”. Praising by petting also helps with motivation. 


Use the same technique you used with teaching the tricks, sit and play dead. Hold the treat close to the nose. Make sure the cat is able to see the treat as well. Slowly raise your hand until the cat is sitting. Raise the hand with the treat higher to encourage the cat to exert effort to follow it by trying to stand. Feed the cat the treat at this point. Repeat the process but this time do not feed the cat at standing position. Lift your hand even higher to encourage jumping. Only feed the cat when it jumps. Say the cue word, “Jump” Be careful not to be accidentally bitten by being vigilant. After a while, you will have a jumping cat any time you want. 

These tricks are easy because these are based on actions that your cats are already familiar with. You just need to be consistent with your cat’s training. Treats, Tenacity and Time are the three T’s of Teaching tricks.

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