Getting your cat a scratch post will not only make your cat happy. It will also make you happy, by extension. Scratching is a primal instinct of cats. The sensation of clawing and ripping through a material and the sound of scratching are extremely satisfying for felines. In the case of humans, having scratch-free sofas and carpets are extremely satisfying. Thus, investing in a scratching post really does bring benefits for humans and felines alike.

It is important to purchase a product that would entice your cat to use it. Otherwise, it will just be a complete waste of resources. 

Here are things to take note of in buying a cat scratching post: 

Residential Size

The size of your house is an important factor to consider in choosing the right scratching post for your cat. If you live in a small studio-type condominium, you must stay away from scratching posts that take too much space. Doing otherwise will make you despise your purchase. For the ultimate space-saving hack, there are scratching boards you can just attach to walls. 

Scratching Post Kind

There are many kinds of scratching posts available in the market: hanging scratching posts, standing scratching posts, mat type scratching posts. There are even ones that double as a cat porches. 

Cat Size

One has to consider the size of the cat when trying to buy cat products. It is best that the size of the product is a perfect fit. 


There is a plethora of anecdotal evidence on the internet that cats like scratching posts that are tall. Cats like to stretch and extend their bodies upward as they scratch. 


Look for scratching posts that are made of biodegradable materials. Wood, cardboard and natural fiber are good options because they do not leave a negative impact to the environment. Plastic, on the other hand, stays in this world for about 100 years—that’s way over human and cat lifespans!


Cats are magnificent at survival. They have this innate instinct for safety. The same instinct stirs cats away from scratching unstable things. In the wild, cats usually scratch trees because of their stability. Try to look for scratching posts that are sturdy and stable. Also, notice the way the post stands on the floor. Make sure it is secure and not wobbly. 


The scratching post you choose must not be made of fabric or carpeting material. Posts like these would associate these materials with scratching. Your cat will not be able to distinguish which items are for scratching and which ones are off limits. Protect your carpet and furniture bu sticking with scratching posts made of natural ropes or cardboard. 

Use the tips above to find the perfect scratching post. Let the scratching post be your furry love ball’s object of fascination. This way, you get to keep your cat happy and you get to keep yourself happy with your impeccably flawless couch.

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