Cats are mysterious creatures – they can be really cuddly and romantic one day and the next day they ignore you the whole day. But cats aren’t as mysterious as you think, they have their special body language that they share with people  and other cats they care about. Their actions aren’t as random as you assume, it’s always systemised and it reflects their mood and personality.

Looking for ways to understand what your cat is trying to portray? Give meaning to your cat’s random actions and meows with these helpful tips.

Meaning of Cat’s Movements:

  • Steady Soft Gaze – Your cat trusts you and it’s relaxed and feels safe around you. It considers you as family and a friend – someone to protect and rely on. 
  • Ears Forward – The cat is quite happy to see you home and was either waiting for you or expecting your arrival. Expect it to wind around your leg or maybe a passionate head bump.
  • Tail Raised and Curved Tip – Your cat is very happy with you. This is a sign of contentment and trust. 
  • Ears Shot Up – This cat behaviour means it assesses its environment and is keenly listening to any sudden sounds and movements. Try not to spook your cat as it might attack you.
  • Tail is Held Straight with Low Incline – Your cat is anxious and is ready to pounce on any sudden movement. This means slight fear or aggression.
  • Slow Blinking – This is how cats say I love you to their closest humans, and they mean it. It also shows trust and affection, the cat loves you and will protect you when it can.
  • Squinting – The cat is smiling at you – this is how they show their appreciation to their humans or other feline friends. It’s such an adorable sight, no wonder it’s such a warming look on cats!
  • Big Pupils and Happy Tail – The cat is willing to play for you and they are very relaxed with your presence. They might pounce, but that only means they’re playful and crave for your attention.
  • Ears Rotated Back – They’re scared or anxious, carefully assessing their surroundings. This usually happens when they’re in a new environment and aren’t familiar with the place yet.
  • Crouched – When the tail is low and twitching slightly, the cat is probably excited or worried. If your cat is showing these signs, keep your distance for now and let it approach you. 
  • Ears Flat – Your cat is likely very scared – stay away from them for now and make sure you retreat slowly.
  • Tail Straight Up – If the hair sticks up in different directions and the tail is straight up, it means the cat is agitated or overstimulated – your cat needs space!
  • Dilated Pupils – They are either aroused, anxious, playful, or are about to pounce!

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