Catnips and Cats: The Reason Why They Love It

This wonderful plant has been associated with felines for as one can remember – it has been known to have bizzare effects on cats and has lasting effects of hallucination and happiness. Cats have been known to flock over catnip whenever it’s nearby, and they seem to lose themselves over it – frolicking and drooling whenever they get their paws on it.

While it’s such an adorable thing to witness, did it ever cross your mind as to why these fur babies like it so much? Your cats will actually scramble around to find where the secret stash of catnip is and will even beg you for it! If you have a plant outside your house, expect a gathering of cats outside and see them adorably roll around and being lazy.

Catnip is actually from the family of mint – it actually drives away mosquitoes, roaches, flies, termites and has a calming effect on humans. It was used as a cure for nausea and headache before, and has proven to be effective ever since. It’s usually boiled and made to become tea for humans, but cats prefer to nibble and smell it to get the best results.

On contrary belief, not all cats are actually affected by catnip since it is actually believed to be hereditary – passed on by their parents. A good example of this are Australian cats – they are deemed to be immuned from the ecstasy provided by catnip. Most cats from Europe, Asia, and America are more prone to feel pure ecstacy from the catnip.

You might wonder why they like to nibble on it – it’s actually because of a specific oil called nepetalactone that drips out whenever the catnip gets bruised or eventually sheds off leaves. There are over 250 different catnips that you can give to your cat and they will appreciate the gesture.

Catnips are actually not harmful for cats – they don’t have any harmful substances, just make them extremely hyper when they smell it or sleepy when they eat it. Catnips are all around safe, but it’s better to regulate the amount your cat should consume. It’s also believed that they only have a certain amount of time when they experience the ‘high’ and it takes two hours again to take effect.

If they are always exposed to catnip, they will likely to ignore it and simply move on to other toys. You should only give it once every two weeks in order to properly regulate the amount of catnip your cat indulges in. If you don’t have the potted plant, you can buy the dried leaves from the pet store and sew them in in tiny plushies or pillows.

Aside from domesticated cats, big cats like the lion and tigers are also affected with catnip. It’s something you can look forward to whenever you’re in the zoo and one happens to come across one. But aside from the fun things they do, and the weird faces they make when they’re high, it’s actually not something bad for them – it’s a treat that they will enjoy having.

The Unusual, Yet Adorable, Friendship of Morris and Champy

You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about unusual friendships being made in the animal kingdom. There was the tale of a dog that made friends with an elephant; another one was a cat and a fox, and there was even a friendship between a giraffe and an ostrich. Yes, a giraffe and an ostrich.

Although this might not be as bizarre as the giraffe-and-ostrich duo, the story we’re about to share with you today is certainly adorable. It’s the story of how Morris the cat, became friends with Champy the horse. Let’s get this show on the road!

How it All Began

Jennifer Boyle, Morris’ mom, lived in a ranch in New Southwales, Australia, that had numerous horses. Although she never planned to adopt a new cat, she came across the 9-month old Morris online, and instantly connected with him. The newly adopted cat initially felt overwhelmed by his new home, which was to be expected, considering that he had lived most of his life in the shelter.

One day, Jennifer decided to let Morris out, saying “I let Morris onto my front verandah after he’d had a few days to settle in…” as she recalls the event. A few moments passed and then Champy came into the picture. Jennifer describes it to The Dodo as “…Champy was immediately interested in him, coming up to say hello and then persisted in wanting to groom Morris. Morris had never met a horse before, and to begin with was a bit shy, but Champy wants to make friends with everyone he meets.”

The Transition from Stranger to Best Friends

Understandably, Morris was at first confused and a bit alarmed with Champy. After all, the difference in size between the two animals can be quite intimidating for any cat. However, Champy simply wouldn’t give up, and he kept on trying and trying, until Morris finally started trusting him.

According to Jennifer it took a whole week, wherein Champy would constantly groom Morris, before the cat showed trust. According to Jennifer “…Morris felt safe with him and jumped onto Champy’s back to start grooming him in return,” and that was the start of it. Now, the duo is often seen together, roaming the ranch that they both call home.

Doing Stuff Together

More often than not, the odd pair of friends does almost everything together. One of their favourite pasttime is taking a nap on the grassy fields. They also love to stroll around the ranch, with Champy foraging for some grass to snack on, and Morris standing on top of his back, surveying the wide plains. They even take water breaks together, drinking from a huge cauldron in the vicinity.

Morris and Champy’s story, along with other ones, prove that friendship clearly doesn’t have boundaries. Friendship goes beyond size, and even goes beyond a variety species. If there’s anything that Morris and Champy teaches us, it is that friendship can happen anytime and to anyone; even to the most unlikely ones.

Getting Your Cat to Exercise

Getting Your Cat to Exercise

Like dogs, cats also need exercise to keep their muscles and joints in shape as they grow older. While it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get your dog to go for a walk or play fetch, cats need a different approach since they have different needs. Here are some tips on how you can get your feline friend to exercise:

First: Consider Getting Some Toys

Fortunately, there are several cat toys available for sale which are sure to get your furry pal to move around. Some of these include a feather wand, cat towers, toy mice, and a laser pointer that can entertain them for hours. If you are on a budget, you can also create some affordable DIY toys for your kitty right at home.

Next: Determine What Your Cat Likes

Many cat owners are most likely able to figure out their cat’s personality as they grow older. But as a rule of thumb, remember to keep a close watch on them during their free time. Do they enjoy jumping on counters? Do they scratch on your furniture a lot? Do they enjoy hiding in boxes? Many active cats may find cat towers, laser pointers, and feather wands entertaining. If your cat is more of a “mellow” type, interactive disk toys that test their intelligence might be their favourite!

Get Creative!

Got an agile cat? Why not make a homemade obstacle course? Try to include hurdles for them to jump over, small boxes to climb on, and tunnels to pass through as they reach their treat. This ensures that each muscle in their body is getting that active workout they deserve.

Switch it up!

Cats get easily bored so repetitive games like catching the laser dot and not letting them win can frustrate and eventually bore them. The same rule also applies in letting them “win” too soon. To keep things balance, make sure to entice them for a game first, allow them to “win” a few times before gradually making it more challenging. This will get them to put in more effort and play longer.

Provide Rewards

Catnip and other treats are great rewards for cats who just learned a new trick or managed to catch that elusive feather! However, make sure to use catnip sparingly since it can cause aggression in some cats.

Leave Toys Around

Cats are independent creatures who value their alone time. If you are out with a friend or off to work, it helps to leave a few toys around to keep your cat entertained for hours. Make sure to keep them at safe spaces to avoid any accidents.

Getting your cat to exercise is one good way to secure their health as they grow older. Like humans, cats need exercise to tone their muscles and joints as well as keep their minds sharp and active. It also provides owners a great way to bond with their feline friend while preventing obesity.

10 Things Cats Love (Part 2)

10 Things Cats Love (Part 2)

We are back, and we’re here to give you the continuation of part one! As you already know, there are a plethora of things that our beloved feline companions love to do. We’ve already mentioned 5 of them, and if you haven’t checked that one yet, we highly recommend that you do by clicking here.


We’ve already established that cats love to play with toys, regardless whether they’re the squishy, or electronic cat toys kind. They also like hunting, sleeping, scratching, basking in the sun, and being petted. But that’s not all that they love to do, and we’re here today to give you more.


Watching How the World Works

Have you ever noticed how cats seem to stand in front of windows, and longingly stare at the outside world? This is because they love to observe the world and how it works. They could be watching how different animals from outside move about, people, insects, or leaves being blown by the wind. It could also be due to their natural instincts drawing them outside. A sign that they’d want to go out there and explore the vast world with their paws.



Humans aren’t the only ones who love to eat because apparently, cats love it too! There are cats who eat, even though they’re not hungry, due to boredom. This is one of the reasons why some cats get dangerously obese. To prevent this, you can switch up their diets from time by introducing healthier treats to them. It would also help if you schedule the time that you feed them.


Climbing High Spots and Places

Cats are instinctively drawn to climb high spots and places. This innate desire doesn’t just happen to domesticated felines, but it is felt across the whole cat species, both small and large. To satisfy this urge, If you have a tree on your lawn, you can let them climb it under your supervision, to prevent them from getting into accidents. But if you live in an apartment, a multi-level perch will certainly help your cat(s) a lot.



It wouldn’t come as a surprise that cats love to play! Cats play with toys, other cats, with their humans, and other intriguing objects, regardless of how old they are. Play fighting, for example, is a great way for them to learn how to defend themselves. Playing also lets them practice their hunting skills as well. But keep in mind that although toys will help keep your cats entertained, spending time with them is still the best option.


Family Bonding

A lot would of people would often say that cats are selfish and unattached to their owners, but it’s actually the opposite. Cats are more subtle about showing their love. Often times, it could be them snuggling, or even licking you at some instances. They also leave their scents by rubbing their heads and bottom, which is where their scent glands are located. If they do this to you, or to any other person they’re close with, this means they treat you as family and as their own property (like literally).

The list is now complete and now you know more about what cats love! As you can see, they love more than just the regular mice toys, or laser dots. They love physical activities, observing, showing affection, and family bonding.

Why Cats Are the Besties for Single People

Why Cats Are the Besties for Single People

For eons, cats have always been there as gods, familiars, and a symbolism for femininity and grace. With their adorable jelly paws and dainty pointed doe eyes, you can’t really blame the people to view these lovely creatures as something out of a mythical world and are heaven sent. But ever since mankind discovered about getting pets, there has been a divide between people who believe the other is superior.


But more specifically, even with the ongoing war between cat-lovers and dog-lovers, they have always been a preference for single people out there. But what is the allure of these creatures that most single people choose this elegant pet as their trusty companion? Here are the reasons why they are your ideal best friends:

Loyal. While they are always out and about when you leave the door open, expect them to still come back home – even with a ‘gift’ from their adventures. Depending on how you treat your cat, they will be your loyal confidante for the rest of time and will be there for your times of need.

Cats can be affectionate creatures, but it all boils down on how you give them affection. If you come home smelling like another cat, then expect them to be distant or get anxious. It almost equates with a girlfriend smelling a different woman’s perfume on their partner.

Reciprocal. This is where Confucius’ golden rule applies: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When your cat feels neglected and abused, expect them to either avoid you or be feral when you inch towards them. Since cats are known to be a descendant of hunters, they will be extremely cautious when you are nearby.

However, if you are a passionate and loving master, expect your cat to be extra affectionate with you. Maybe reward them with a yummy cat treat when they are good to boost your relationship with them!

Perfect keeper. In all honesty, if you share your secrets and frustrations with someone else, expect it to explode back at you and eventually your deepest darkest secrets are out. But if you vent it to your cat, expect sealed lips and listening ears waiting for you. They seem like they simply don’t care, curled up on top of their cat tree and such, but they do. They can sense your emotions really well and will act upon it as well.

Maybe pour yourself a glass of wine and give your cat some cat wine as well then start your talk over how stressful your day was or how your friend bailed out on you last minute.

Great healer. Aside from the fact that their purrs actually do heal you and prevent possible illnesses, they also heal your weary heart. It can be from breakup or stress, these adorable furballs will definitely cheer you up with their heartwarming meows and kneading massages. They are also good pillows if they let you lie on their soft bellies!

They also enjoy being held and cuddled whenever they have the chance – any affection from their master is welcome. Never fail to show love for your fur babies to make them know they are valued.

Funny. Yes, they are very funny with their weird habits and random shenanigans. At some point in your life, you’d see a cat make a funny face while staring off into an unknown universe (this face is also known as a derp face). If you are even surfing online, you’d see them react strangely in different things and even make random noises when faced with a weird object.

They might be fierce hunters before, but unleash the vacuum and lasers, they will surely be a slice of relief to watch!

10 Things Cats Love (Part 1)

10 Things Cats Love (Part 1)

Cats enjoy all sorts of stuff, from basking in the sun to chasing that laser dot. All of these things are what makes every cat adorable and unique. It is what makes them the cheerful, playful, and sometimes docile felines that we’ve all come to like and love.


Today, we’ve decided to help you understand and appreciate your cat in a better way, by talking about the top 10 things they love. The list comes in no particular order, and is solely made to help identify what makes them hyped up, so you’d be able to spend quality time with them.



Being natural born predators, hunting is one of the primary instincts that drives cats. The compulsion to hunt is very strong, and they are unable to resist it. Hunting isn’t just about getting food, but it’s also a form of entertainment for them. Take out their favourite mice toy, and start playing with them, to release the urge of hunting.



It’s not a secret that cats love to get some sleep. On average, they sleep for about 15 hours, other cats can sleep up to 20 hours, during a 24-hour period. There are a couple of reasons as to why cats like to sleep:

  • Cats are most active between dusk and dawn, which means they nap most during the day, becoming more active around twilight.
  • Cats have the anatomy of a predator, which means they are conserving their energies for chasing and hunting, possibly explaining why they sleep so much.
  • Cats also react to the weather, making them more susceptible to sleep during rainy, or cold ones.



Cats and scratching always go in tandem. Cats practice scratching for a variety of reasons. They could be doing it to mark their territories, to get a full-body stretch, and to keep their claws sharp and in good health, as well as to help shed their claw sheaths. This is why it’s important to install scratching posts for them, to keep them healthy and happy.



Cats love to sunbathe, and in general, they’re pretty much attracted to things that emit heat. One explanation for this is due to the fact that genetically, cats were desert creatures and they lose heat easily thanks to their body’s physiology and diet. Sunbathing helps them conserve heat in their bodies, giving them the luxury to stay warm and cosy.


Being Petted

Contrary to popular belief, cats actually enjoy being petted and/or stroked. One theory to prove it is the fact that stroking and petting, is an affiliative social contact. This strengthens the bond between different animal species, and plays a huge factor when it comes to anxiety and stress regulation. This can be seen in cats, dogs, rats, monkeys, other animals, and even in humans.

Let’s stop here for now, and we’ll give you guys the second half next time. The new information you just learned should help you understand cats more. Now that you know a bit more about them, be sure to keep these in mind, and aim to give your cats more happiness.

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