Quick And Easy DIY Cat Tent With 3 Things You Have At Home

Quick And Easy DIY Cat Tent With 3 Things You Have At Home

We already know that cats (and kittens) love to sit on things. You put a piece of paper on the floor – and within moments there is a furry cat bum sitting on it. Now that we have foster kittens they also love to steal things like hair clips and hair ties. I’ve been finding them lying around the house in the weirdest spots. With changes in weather sometimes your cat just needs a little privacy. Or a spot that is just their own to relax in and curl up all warm and fuzzy. Here is my Quick And Easy DIY Cat Tent With 3 Things You Have At Home!

Shadow and Frosty (our two adult furr-babies) already have predetermined sleep spots and the foster kitties Ninja and George needed their very own spot. As such I’ve found a whole lot of complicated DIY cat beds on the internet. I wanted something simple and easy. This DIY is so easy to make and will be a purrfect activity for a rainy weekend day. What is even better, is that this easy DIY cat tent uses easy household items that you probably have lying around the house. This activity can be done in about 30 minutes without having to leave the house to buy the supplies you need. It is even easy enough that your non furry babies will be able to do it (and there is no mess to clean up afterwards).


What you will need

  • 2 wire coat hangers
  • piece of cardboard (approx 15″x 15″)
  • an old t-shirt

You will also need some sticky tape, scissors and an old towel or some fabric to line your kitty tent.


Step 1

Cut the cardboard to shape and size. Use masking tape to reinforce the cardboard. You may need to do this if there is a bend in your cardboard.

Step 2

Unwind the wire hangers and stretch them out. With the end of one piece of wire, puncture the corner of the cardboard, pushing the wire through about one to two inches. Bend the wire on the underside of the cardboard to secure it, place a piece of tape over the underside (to cover the sharp end and keep it in place). Do the same with the other end of the same wire, crossing the wire diagonally across the piece of cardboard. Repeat this with the other wire making a ‘dome’ shape.

Step 3

Take your t-shirt and ‘dress’ your wire cat tent frame. The hole where your head goes in the shirt will act as the entrance to the tent, and should sit near the cardboard bottom. Fold the bottom of the shirt underneath the cardboard and secure with safety pins. Keep stretching the shirt so it is taut over the wire frame.

Step 4

You’re done! Place a blanket of some sort in the bottom of the tent to make it cozy and try to tempt your cat inside with catnip. The hard part will be luring them out of their new hidey hole.


Download the printable instructions below.



I would love to see some pictures of the tent you have made – Share them with me on Facebook or Instagram


Meow for now… Kristian 

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