Caturday Art: Reflections on a Kitty-er Time

I am still patiently (not very patiently) waiting for a foster kitten to come to my home. I have an empty unit and so many cuddles to offer. As such, I am looking through past photos of kittens gone by and remembering all the fun we had (and all the potty accidents too).

I still wanted to be able to contribute to this fun and creative blog hop so have decided to use one of my older photos when I was over-run with kittens.


SoPurrfect Caturday Art Reflections on a Kittyer Time


The biggest number we’ve ever had is 8 cats/kittens at once (2 of our own and 6 kittens). This photo is from that time, by the time this was taken we had taken back two of the kittens as they had reached their weight. Poor little Dino (third from the left) was the runt of the litter and took a while to gain the weight that was needed, even though he was a greedy guts who would eat SO much and then his big budha belly would prevent him from playing while he digested the food.

Thanks for dropping by!


Meow for now… Kristian



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